Estate Planning & Legacy

It is often harder to keep wealth than it is to create it. Asset protection is a first protective barrier, but wealth preservation is about timing application and developing a consistent strategy. This is one area where knowledge of the risks and what’s appropriate for your circumstances is critical. It is also the area of planning one’s estate and legacy. We have years of experience providing solutions to the diverse and unique families we serve.

Estate Planning

We work with families at all stages of their lives to plan for their assets and families.  We help them choose and build structures that protect and reduce taxes. We help them sort through the needs of their family members and determine how best to provide for their unique situations with the assets and goals that they have.

There are many aspects of estate planning. From control over assets, the use and enjoyment of assets, the legacy that assets can provide, and planning to reduce or minimize taxes at all levels, all of these aspects of estate planning, combined with the unique needs and goals of the family members, result in estate plans that are as different as the families to which they relate.

As the family grows and matures, the needs shift. There is more of an even balance between wealth and the needs of children.

Once the children have left home and finished college, there is another shift, this time to retirement needs, protecting and continuing to grow wealth, and building a timeline and pathway to that transition.

The last phase focuses on the care and enjoyment of the senior generation.  Often during this phase some of the responsibilities shift to the next generation.

Through all of these phases our primary focus for your estate planning is managing the family assets and providing for the needs of its members.

Legacy Planning

We help our clients to think about their legacy and be intentional about the mark they leave behind.
The first thing that comes to mind when we think of legacy is wealth and the assets that are accumulated and left behind. That certainly is an important part of legacy, but it is not the whole story.

At Corliss Law we believe that each of us makes a mark on this world and influences our communities of family, friends, neighbors and colleagues. Assuredly some of us have larger communities than others, but we all have one or more. Like ripples in a pond we influence a broader and broader group throughout our lifetimes.

When we transition out of a business, or often times before, there is an opportunity to be more intentional about the values we have come to believe in and what we want to leave behind. “A second act” often involves giving back to the community and we help our clients sort through their options and be intentional about their legacies.

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