Tax Planning

Income taxes are a reality of business life, but there are many opportunities to reduce the amount you pay.

For the business owner, saving on taxes adds to the bottom line. Every dollar saved is another dollar to work with, either in the business or in the family enterprise.

We work with our business owner clients and their accounting and tax professionals to maximize the tax planning opportunities and to develop a long-term tax minimization plan.

Qualified plans, 199A deductions, cost segregation, conversion of ordinary income into capital gain and the deferral of tax as long as possible are just some of the tools we use to create value-building plans for business owners.

Additionally there are strategies for combining income tax and estate and transferring tax planning into a unified structure. This maximizes the retention of value and basis step-up while at the same time supporting the business owner during life and for the family thereafter.

Tax Planning and Tax Returns

We architect business for life.