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What We Do


We build integrated business and personal plans.

We work with business owners and families to plan for those important events that happen in all of our lives. Whether it is tactically planning to reduce the risks that a business faces involving owner/partners; it’s trade secrets, employees and customers; or strategically planning to move a business toward goals that will make the business owner and her or his family successful. You have to plan well in advance of the event to be successful. We help you avoid the damage of being unprepared.  Planning for the business of the family is every bit as important as planning for the business.

Building Business Value

Businesses can be strong income engines or they can be valuable assets in their own right. Sometimes they can be both.  We emphasize that business owners have two businesses: the commercial business and the business of the family, which we call the family business.  The ultimate goal should be to build a strong family business.

We work with business owners to identify and reduce hidden risks, stop the silent leakage of value from the business, build strong structures, and minimize the disruption and damages that can result from transition.

How We Do It

Fractional General Counsel

A fractional general counsel should build the legal infrastructure of a business as well as address current and ongoing issues. We implement corporate clean up and maintenance, contract review, restructuring and negotiation, risk analysis and insurance reviews, employee retention plans, trade secret and intellectual property analysis, and protection planning, to name a few.  We work on tactical measures to minimize risk, protect and preserve assets and build business value.  We help to identify and reduce risk and to implement damage control when issues arise.


We work with business owners to carefully unify and craft their contract infrastructure.

Contracts and transactions that formalize business relationships bring value to a business, but they also create and shift risk. We uncover and minimize the impact of hidden risks, manage your contract portfolio and balance contract liabilities with benefits. Contracts and transactions can be individual events in your business, but collectively they serve to create a hidden legal infrastructure that over time influences the value of the business you have built.

Solutions and Services

Corliss Law is an innovative legal firm
with business practicality.
Our focus is on your goals.

We craft the legal structures, contracts, business and family plans
that realize the success you envision.

Alice meets the Cheshire Cat.  She asks, “Oh please can you tell me which way I should go?”
To which the Cheshire Cat responds, “Well that depends a lot on where you want to get to.”
Alice:  “Oh, it really doesn’t matter.”
Cheshire Cat:  “Well then it really doesn’t matter which way you go.”


We help you make sure you know where you want to get to.