Planning for Business & Family

We build integrated business and personal plans.

We work with business owners and families to plan for those important events that happen in all of our lives. Whether it is tactically planning to reduce the risks that a business faces involving owner/partners, it’s trade secrets, employees and customers, or strategically planning to move a business toward goals that will make the business owner and her or his family successful.

You have to plan well in advance of the event to be successful. We help you avoid the damage of being unprepared. Planning for the business of the family is every bit as important as planning for the business.

Planning for Business & Family

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The Family Enterprise

The family enterprise is the structure that generates income for the family outside of the business.  It can be as simple as investment accounts or rental property, or it can be a much more complex structure of business, real estate, and stock investments.  It is the backup engine that provides income after you leave your business.

The foundation for the family enterprise is usually built up through the use of qualified retirement plans, real estate investments, and securities investment accounts.  During the life of the business, growth is driven by excess income flows. As the owner exits the business, the family enterprise is usually augmented by proceeds from a sale.

The family enterprise should be aligned with, and a companion to, your retirement plan.  Retirement planning is the process we use to quantify your lifestyle and family needs on one side and to structure the family enterprise to support that lifestyle on the other side.

Being intentional about this process at an early stage in your business is one of the most important steps you can take.  Unfortunately, most people wait far too long to begin this process or they adopt a hap-hazard approach lacking intention and direction.

We help business owners develop their life after business, which includes a detailed retirement plan driven by the family enterprise that they will build.

Corliss Law will help you build value for your business and your life.

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