Fractional General Counsel

Fractional General Counsel

Our fractional general counsel offering is a packaged service for those clients who need more than occasional transaction support.
We have found that lower middle-market companies usually don’t have the resources to hire an internal legal department, but as they grow, their legal needs become more complex, and their risk of exposure increases. Additionally, as the volume of their legal transactions grows, so does their underlying legal infrastructure.
As a fractional general counsel, we provide cost-effective support for the ongoing legal needs of the business, including contract preparation and review, and corporate maintenance and compliance. More importantly, we work with the business owner to:

  • Build the legal infrastructure they need to provide greater protection for their growing wealth
  • Minimize the legal risks that they face
  • Uncover and eliminate business leakage.

Under our Outside General Counsel program we work with the business owner to develop a list of the most important legal needs of the business and to prioritize what will need to be worked on first.  We meet monthly to evaluate progress and to reset the list of priorities as needed.

This budgeted approach to legal services allows us to not only address the current and ongoing needs of a business and its owner, but to begin the important process of planning for transition and change which includes such areas as Succession Exit, and Estate Planning.

We help companies evaluate the risks associated with the loss of key employees and develop appropriate employee retention programs.  These include deferred compensation plans, stock options, and bonus programs that protect against those risks.

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